Ashley Turner rocks! When she tells you she closes quickly, believe her. Our closing occurred exactly 4 weeks from the date we made our earnest money payment, and would have been sooner if the last document had not come in over the weekend. And, we are out-of-state buyers! From the first conversation, we knew we had the right person. Ashley is warm, courteous, professional, very knowledgeable, and patient. She is always willing to answer questions and does not make you feel as if you should already know the answers. She patiently explains and then ensures that you understand. She even asked us to Face Time her at closing (which took place at our home in CA) so she could go through the process with us! When we are finally able to move to our new home in TX, we look forward to meeting her face-to-face to thank her again for helping us achieve our goal and making it a very pleasant and totally stress-free process. We would not hesitate to recommend Ashley to anyone in need of home loan assistance. She is truly a blessing.