Ashley was nothing short of a blessing throughout our home-buying process. Our little family ended up switching lenders mid way through and was better for it. Ashley was knowledgeable, transparent, and available. I appreciated her honesty and due diligence to dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s”! As a result, I felt more comfortable being guided by her. In the midst of attempting to buy during this pandemic, we had 8 separate closing dates. Ashley was there for each one providing explanations and reassurance. By the time we closed, Ashley and her team were able to get us in our dream home for lower closing costs and a lower than expected mortgage! As a single parent, I was most grateful for that final blessing! Even though we have never met in person, Ashley and my family were there virtually to provide support on the day we closed. Her presence spoke volumes of her commitment and dedication to her clients. Thank you Ashley Turner!